Danya Tavela was Secretary of University Policies of the Ministry of Education, Education, Culture, Science and Technology of Argentina. He was also Sub-Secretariat of Management and Coordination of University Policies from 2015 to 2017 and Vice-Rector of the National University of the Northwest of the province of Buenos Aires between 2007 and 2015. Tavella, was and is a University Professor. At the National University of La Plata she was Prosecutor of Administration and Finance and Director of Social Services. He participated in the project of modernization and accreditation of tertiary education in Nicaragua. He has a Master’s Degree in Provincial and Municipal Public Finance from the National University of La Plata.

Why did we choose her?

Danya Tavela knows in depth the Argentine higher education system. It is a promoter of the importance of discussing climate change and the fulfillment of the SDGs within the framework of higher education institutions. She is a woman of active political participation who understands the interaction between it and higher education.